Choosing a Confirmation sponsor is important, and the church spells out some basic requirements. A sponsor needs to be:

  • At least sixteen years of age.
  • “A Confirmed Catholic in good standing.”
  • The sponsor should not be a parent of the candidate.
  • Already fully initiated through the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist.
  • The sponsor if married, needs to be married in the Church and not in an irregular marriage. (An irregular marriage is any marriage not performed or blessed by a Catholic priest or deacon.) The sponsor is not divorced and remarried outside of the Church.
  • The sponsor actively practices his/her Catholic faith in the celebration of Mass and Holy Communion regularly and fulfills obligations to the parish of registry.
  • Only one person must be chosen to be a sponsor.

The word sponsor comes from the same root as “responsible,” and a well-chosen sponsor can help you grow in your faith. Don’t pick a sponsor because he is a lot of fun or she hasn’t had a turn yet.
Pick a sponsor who is actively practicing his or her faith, and who will assist you as you prepare for Confirmation, present you to the Bishop for anointing, and support you in the years ahead as you discover how the gifts of the Holy Spirit are unfolding in your life.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Your sponsor MUST submit a “Sponsor Certificate” (the sponsor should contact the parish where he/she is registered and ask for a sponsor certificate for Confirmation) by March 31st, 2019. If your sponsor is from St. Nicholas Tavelich parish then there is no need for a “sponsor certificate”.


Directions for “My Confirmation Sponsor” Essay
Once you have asked the person you have chosen to be your sponsor and he/she accepts role in your life, please WRITE A ONE PAGE ESSAY on WHY you have chosen this person to be your Confirmation sponsor. As you write this essay, please answer the following questions:

  • What about this person shows you what it means to be Catholic?
  • What qualities or characteristics of this person do you admire?
  • How does this person challenge you to grow in your faith and live a life of service?
  • Why do you feel this person is the best choice to help you become the man or woman God is calling you to be?
    *The essay must be typed out with size 12 font and line spacing at 1.5 maximum, normal margins. The essay can be handed in or emailed to