Winnipeg Harvest Volunteering Night

Winnipeg Harvest Volunteering Night

On Friday March 6th, 2020 the catechism children of St. Nicholas Tavelich in Winnipeg visited Winnipeg Harvest to perform their Christian service during the season of Lent. The children were given a tour of the facility and learned how Winnipeg Harvest operates and who it provides support to.
Following the tour, the group was given the task of bagging yellow peas. The children and parents did a quick job of the task and at the same time enjoyed the work. As an offering to Winnipeg Harvest, children from all three classes brought a total of 35.5 lbs of donated food.

If anyone is interested in volunteering at Winnipeg Harvest with their families, the facility has “Family Nights” throughout the month where you can offer your service as a family for your community.