Visit from Sveti Nikola

Visit from Sveti Nikola

On Sunday, December 8, 2019, Sveti Nikola accompanied by an angel visited our parish after the 11:00 am mass. Responding to the invitation by Hrvatska Zora folk ensemble he brought treats for the children. At the end of his visit we bid him farewell and are looking forward to his visit in years time.

Every year the Church celebrates the feast of Sv. Nikola on December 6th. A tradition has developed around the person of Sveti Nikola, who has aided the poor of his time, where people (especially children) would prepare their shoes in the evening of December 5 hoping to find them filled with treats from Sv. Nikola in the morning of December 6th.

If you would like to learn more about Sveti Nikola, who was an actual historical person click here:

Fr. Peter Nemcek