Preveliku Radost – 2nd Annual Christmas Concert

Preveliku Radost - 2nd Annual Christmas Concert

On the feast of St. Stephen, December 26th 2017, the parish of St. Nicholas Tavelich held their second annual Christmas concert – Preveliku Radost.
This year the concert started off where last year’s finished – performing the traditional song from the island of Murter, “Preveliku radost”.
Performances included a handful of different compositions, altogether 17, from traditional Croatian and European Christmas melodies to new versions of Christmas songs.
Performers included the parish choir accompanied by the Tri tenora and Joanna Gustave Cindrić, piano accompaniment, conducted by Father Marko Štefanec, the parish catechism children led by Marica accompanied by Charlotte Brnjas and David Knezić, the Hrvatska Zora tamburaši conducted by David Knezić, the group Djeca ‘z bregov, Joanna Gustave Cindrić and our special guests, Celtic ensemble Killick.

Numerous parishioners and guests gathered to enjoy the entertaining evening. All the performances were delightful, although the youngest ones brought the most joy to our hearts!
The concert ended with the Celtic ensemble Killick playing two traditional Irish Christmas songs, followed by two traditional Croatian carols in which the entire congregation sang along with.

The evening continued in the parish hall with socializing, dancing and singing with everyone treated to mulled wine, traditional cooked sausages and lively music from Killick.
Once again it showed our community is rich with many musical talents. Together, as one big family, we sang together to our newborn King!

This concert also gave us the opportunity to help those in need. Guests brought a large amount of non-perishable food items that was later delivered to Winnipeg Harvest.


Foto: Marko Štefanec