Pastoral Statistics Report for 2017

Pastoral Statistics Report for 2017

Once a year every Catholic Parish sends their pastoral report to the diocese that they belong to. In turn, every diocese collects this information and sends their report to the Holy See. The following numbers are from the Archdiocese of Winnipeg.

In our Archdiocese there is 67 parishes and 21 missions in which there were 1422 baptisms, a slight increase from last year. There were 886 candidates who received the sacrament of Confirmation. The sacrament of Eucharist was received by 1078 candidates, and for the entire Archdiocese there were only 181 marriages, which was 30 less than 2016.

Our parish contributed to these numbers with 4 baptisms (2 boys and 2 girls), and only 1 wedding. In 2017 we did not have any candidates for confirmation or first communion. Eight members (4 men and 4 women) from our community passed away. The average age of the deceased was 70 years.

In addition in 2017 there were 162,000 Catholics out of a total population of 589,000. In 2017 we had 67 diocesan priests, 21 religious priests and 51 religious sisters.