Donation received from Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery

Donation received from Glen Eden Funeral Home & Cemetery

On Friday, March 9th Glen Eden Funeral Home branch manager Miguel Foidart, along with funeral home manager Jody Kiefling Nicholson, handed a cheque to Father Marko, pastor of St. Nicholas Tavelich Parish for a total of $7,500! With this donation, Glen Eden Funeral Home wishes to help our parish regarding the upcoming renovation of our parish hall.

Father Marko along with Joso Žižić, a member of the Parish pastoral council, and Milka Paulich, were able to thank Miguel and Jody for again recognizing the needs of St. Nicholas Tavelich Parish. The parish of St. Nicholas Tavelich is the centre of all occasions in the Croatian community. The parish and Glen Eden Funeral Home have actively worked together over many years. While offering his thanks, Father Marko mentioned that this donation means a lot to our Parish but most of all to our parishioners, because it greatly helps carry out the planned work. Your unselfish support in this project is of great significance and I personally sincerely thank you as well as in the name of my parishioners.

The Arbor Memorial Foundation is a charitable vehicle for Arbor Memorial and Glen Eden Employees to donate monies to registered charities. It directs its contributions to groups and organizations that have a need in the communities where our employees live and work.

With this donation we have surpassed the $100,000 mark. Currently we have collected $106,398 from 86 donors.