Illuminate Adoration at St. Nicholas Tavelich Parish 2023

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Luka Zorica & Alexa Yasinski:

After attending several Illuminate sessions at other parishes, Alexa and I had the privilege of attending Illuminate at our beloved parish of St Nicholas Tavelić. Illuminate is an extraordinary evening of worship, adoration, and music that brings your soul to Jesus.

There is something truly special about Illuminate’s worship band leading a congregation of people across the province in worship for our beloved God. The musicians are incredibly talented, but their love for what they do really shined through.

The moment the music began, our church became a sanctuary where hands lifted in praise, beautiful song filled the air, and the outside world stood still, even for just a moment. But the real magic was how the passionate musicians brought people closer in their relationship to Christ.

I can say with confidence that illuminate has changed both our lives and brought us closer to God. Every month we look forward to the next session. The glory of the living God has filled the Earth.

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