Golden Jubilee Raffle Winners

Golden Jubilee Raffle Winners

On November 25th, 2018 during our 50th Golden Jubilee celebrations the winners of the Golden Jubilee Raffle were drawn. The total number of tickets printed for the raffle was 1200, and there were 3 prizes to win. The grand prize was $1000 cash, the second prize was a $200 Tim Horton’s gift card, and the third prize was a $50 Sobeys gift card. The lucky winner of the grand prize was Tihomir (ticket no. 0006), second prize winner was Kathy (ticket no. 0011), third prize winner was Marko (ticket no. 0619).

Congratulations to the lucky winners!

Our lucky winners were generous with their prizes and donated portions back to our parish.

Thank you to all those who purchased tickets in support of our parish, and to those who sold the tickets.