Folklorama Volunteering – Croatian Pavilion “Zagreb”

Folklorama Volunteering - Croatian Pavilion "Zagreb"

Folklorama is fast approaching, our Pavilion will be running from August 6th to 12th. We are looking for volunteers in several areas of the Pavilion. Without Volunteers Folklorama cannot happen. We need your support so we can keep the Pavilion going and not suffer the same consequences as other communities in the city of Winnipeg with their Pavilions closing. Please reach out and volunteer to support our youth that will be performing and to keep our community active so people don’t forget who Croatians are and our Culture!!

Please reach out via text or call to the following people to volunteer in the specific area:


Kitchen (Day time & evening shifts)   Krista Magdic     204-995-8389

Front Entrance:                    Ana Stipanovic    204-230-5019

Food Line:                        Kathy Grivicic     204-999-1605

Security/Customer Service:          Ivan Magdic      431-338-5266

                                 Vlad Simunic      204-960-7719


Your help and time is much appreciated!!!

Thank you

Ivan Magdic PH# 431-338-5266