Catholic calendar 2019

Catholic calendar 2019

For the very first time we as a parish are having our own Croatian Catholic calendar printed for 2019. This Catholic calendar is printed as a limited edition, with only 150 copies made.

The calendar includes the Saint’s names for each day as well as the Feast days, along with a different picture for each month commemorating our 50 years of existence. Through the twelve months you can find pictures which include the very first Mass as a Croatian congregation in Winnipeg, the first Mass at 2688 Main St., the folklore group performing, the pilgrimage to Croatia in 2018 in honour of our 50th anniversary, and many others. This project was made possible with the help of the Varaždinska biskupija who graciously let us use their template. Some of the pictures were taken from the parish archives, and others were taken by Ivan Lovrić, Filip Vukina and Fr. Marko Štefanec.

The calendar was published by St. Nicholas Tavelich Parish, designed and edited by Fr. Marko Štefanec and printed by Dave’s Quick Print. Calendars can be purchased for the price of $5.00/calendar at our Parish sacristy.

If anyone out of town is interested in purchasing a calendar, please email us and we can ship it within Canada via Canada Post for $15 (Paypal or Credit Card).


Front page: 50th anniversary solemn Mass/Filip Vukina
January: Croatian parishioners following the first Mass as a congregation, August 1968/Parish archive
February: Our new home at 2688 Main Street/Parish archive
March: Archbishop Flahiff consecrating our church to St. Nicholas Tavelich, November 17th 1974/Parish archives
April: Golden Jubilee photo/Filip Vukina
May: CFE Croatian Dawn alumni group performing in the church hall, 2017/Marko Štefanec
June: Our youth during World Cup 2018/Marko Štefanec
July: Thanksgiving Mass at St. Mark's church in Zagreb honouring 50 years of our Parish/Ivan Lovrić
August: Blessed Virgin Mary at Frieburger Munster/Filip Vukina
September: CFE Croatian Dawn small group performing at the Gala evening, 2018/Filip Vukina
October: Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament – first day of Golden Jubilee celebrations, November 23rd 2018/Filip Vukina
November: Solemn Mass on November 25th, 2018 presided by Mate Uzinić, Bishop of Dubrovnik/Filip Vukina
December: Christmas Concert „Preveliku Radost“ performers, December 26th 2017/Marko Štefanec