My dear people, I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to you in these unprecedented times we’re living in and share with you some thoughts.
First I have to say that I miss you. It’s strange to celebrate a Sunday mass without people in the church. I have received many texts/phone calls from people asking how I was doing. Thank you for that. I’m so blessed being your priest. As you know I have returned from Edmonton on Thursday, March 19, and am keeping healthy and well. I was really encouraged seeing both of our seminarians for our Archdiocese. God is working mightily in His Church and the future holds really great things for the Church and for the world. I dare to say that all the seminarians are very fine men and would make great priests. Please continue to pray for them – Chris Pugh and Oliver Omega. I hope one day I can introduce them to all of you in person.

How do we continue to live our relationship with God in these times?

Perhaps none of us have experienced anything like this in our lifetime. The sacramental life has been greatly disrupted with no Public Masses and prayers. Christianity is always a communal reality. No one becomes Christian alone and no one remains Christian alone. In a word we need each other. In the Creed every Sunday we profess “I believe in the communion of saints.” Now is the time to live this reality. We are never alone and we never pray alone. We pray with the Saints, Holy Angels and the Blessed Virgin Mary. We can unity our prayers with the mass currently offered. There is mass offered somewhere in the world at each moment. I’m planning to live stream our masses for next while. It will be a mix of Croatian and English as we do on Sunday. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel – St. Nicholas Tavelich or check our Facebook Page.

I believe that the good Lord is calling us to a deeper relationship with him through prayer in the mids of this pandemic. Let us try to devote as much time to prayer during these times as we can. It is a gift to have time to pray. Let us use it well. Praying with the Word of God – Bible. I encourage all of you to prayerfully read the New Testament. Spend some time each day praying with the Word of God. We need to learn how to live with the Word and from the Word. As the Psalmist says: “Your word is a lamp for my fee and light to my path” (Psalm 119:105). Yes let us allow the word to show us the way to enlighten the darkness. Start by praying with the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John or read the reading of the day with prayer – here in English and here in Croatian . As a family you can ask and share with each other answers to following questions: what does the reading say to me? How does this reading challenge me, console me, lifts me up? Who and what do we want to pray for?