In his homily Archbishop Gagnon touched on how each of us present were born twice.

In the evening hours on the occasion of celebrating the sacrament of Confirmation on Friday, May 10th, Winnipeg Archbishop Monsignor Richard Gagnon, in St. Nicholas Tavelich Church in Winnipeg during the celebration of Mass, baptized Dominik, the seventh child of Eugen Jr. and Robin Kvaternik.

In his homily Archbishop Gagnon touched on how each of us present were born twice. Once from our parents on a certain day in such and such a place, and the second time usually a few months later at the baptismal font in a church where we were born to Jesus. With that act we become a member of a large family, through that we are brothers and sisters and share the mystical body of Christ – Church. Together we share the great love and grace that we are Christ’s.

Also participating in the celebration of baptism were the older children in the Kvaternik family – Valentina, Luka, Josip, Magdalena, Eugen III and Angela, the godfather at the baptism was Fr. Marko.

At the end Mass pastor Marko thanked the Archbishop for accepting the invitation to lead these two celebrations at St. Nicholas Tavelich parish. He also mentioned that the March for Life was taking place and how we have come to a time where we are running away from life and how we must always proclaim the worthiness of life.
He thanked the Kvaternik family for their cooperation with the Lord in gifting life to Dominik and for showing that they are not afraid of life, to which he added – these are the families that our society needs.

Archbishop Gagnon had conferred the sacrament of confirmation prior to the baptism during the celebration of Mass.


Foto: Mike Sudoma