April 18 (Thursday)
1st (Eng) – Katie Tisaj
2nd –  Tina Čačić
Inter – Adam Lulić
Communion Ministers: Franc Stepić & Marica Cindrić
Ushers: Marijan Paulić & Peter Cindrić


April 19 (Friday)
1st (Eng) – Luka Zorica
2nd –  Branka Jelčić
Passion Narrator: Marica Cindrić, Other Speakers: Igor Lulić
Ushers: Joso Žižić & Josip Jaić


April 20 (Saturday)
Inter – Marica Rampone
Communion Ministers: Josip Mocnaj & Marica Paulić
Ushers: Mladen Zorica & Peter Marincil


April 21 (Easter)
1st (Eng) – Josipa Kraljević
2nd –  Joso Žižić
Inter – Adriana Paulić
Communion Ministers: Tina Čačić & Martin Paulić
Ushers: Davor Jelčić & Marijan Paulić

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