March 22nd
1st (Eng) – Alexa Yasinski
2nd –  Joso Zizic
Inter – Sonja Pesun
Communion Ministers: Tina Cacic & Martin Paulic
Ushers: Marijan Paulic & Davor Jelcic
Zdenka Brnjas


March 29th
1st (Eng) – David Knezic
2nd –  Mladen Zorica
Inter – Mare Paulich
Communion Ministers: Zdenka Brnjas & Sonja Pesun
Ushers: Mladen Zorica & Peter Cindric
David Knezic





Please take a look at your schedule in advance.
If you are unable to be present, please inform Sonja or find a replacement.
Thank you for your service.