2023 First Communion

2023 First Communion

Photos: Tea Maric Photography

Charlotte Brnjas, catechism coordinator:

This was an incredibly special weekend for 5 children from our community: Kruno Brnjas, Emmanuel John Diestro, Ariana Krekoski, Anđela Kvaternik, and Bepo Malbaša. This weekend, they all received two sacraments. First, on Saturday, they all received the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They were nervous and excited, but Fr. Peter was great with them because they came out of confession relieved and happy, and we think you could see a little hint of proudness in their eyes.

Sunday was the big day that they have worked so hard to prepare for all year, their First Holy Communion, where they received Jesus sacramentally for the first time! Their catechism teachers – Justina and Juliana Jarmoszko – did such an amazing job preparing them for this day. Again, nervous and excited, they came to Church, alongside their families, ready for this sacrament. All the communicants were incredibly adorable and participated in mass beautifully, reading the intercessions, bringing forward the offertory gifts and gracing us with a beautiful song after mass. Some of them were so nervous to read their intercessions, but they overcame their fears and we are all so proud of them.

A special moment for the children was when Fr. Peter came down off the altar to speak to the first communicants during the homily. Fr. Peter and the children had the whole church laughing during mass. Fr. Peter had asked the communicants what their one favourite toy was, something they would be sad about if they had to give it away. Usually, the kids always have so much to say that we struggle to keep them quiet, but suddenly, none of them wanted to speak when asked a question. After some encouragement, Fr. Peter was finally able to get the ball rolling and the communicants started to answer his questions. After Fr. Peter had a few moments of nervousness due to the initial lack of responses, he delivered a wonderful homily, which was directed beautifully to the communicants.

As we had watched the communicants receive their First Holy Communion, the Church community was so happy and proud of these young people, as were we, parents, as well. The congregation was entertained with a beautiful song sung by our new communicants, thanking the Lord for their gifts. It was a gift for us to watch and enjoy the love of Jesus in these  children. Thanks to Katarina for teaching the song to them and to Vesna Šimuniċ for playing so beautifully during mass.

On behalf of the families, I would like to thank, Justina, Juliana and Father Peter for helping our children reach these milestones in their spiritual lives. Thank you to Tea Maric for capturing the beautiful moment in pictures for us. Thank you to all those who helped prepare, clean, serve, and decorate our church to make this day so beautiful and blessed for our children. To our communicants, may you always know the peace of Jesus, the light of his love, and the joy of his life within you!